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1st July 2014, 06:40
Hello everybody, this thread is an open thread and anyone can join. Please keep the story location to The Last Adventure. Thanks

The soldier entered The Last Adventure as her nightly ritual had become. A nod to the barkeep, a skullsmash in hand.

“Too easy,” she said with a faint sigh.

The soldier looked around the bar. Only a month old, but with lifetimes of memories. This is where she drank with the dragon rider and her mighty army only one month ago. The revelry and chaos of that night flew threw her mind. She raised the tankard to her lips, kissed it, then let a splash of the ale fall to the floor. Twice more for the three fallen generals that she had heard had not made it to the final battle. They were beyond Krauss at this point. She began to whisper their names.



The soldier’s concentration was destroyed. She glanced around for the culprits. They weren’t hard to find. War profiteers searching for hidden jewels, but finding ordinary clothes.

Sometime after the great battle, a legend surfaced that the dragon rider herself promised the whole house of Kasan to the person that could find the jewel she hid in a seamstresses’ shop. Most had ignored this rumor. Those nearest to the dragon rider could easily discern this falsehood. Wealthy barons and baronesses from far away did not have this luxury. And so they spent in the shops of Dracoshire hoping to further increase their wealth and influence over the country.


A ninth pair casually tossed aside. The soldier looked at the ambivalent barkeep.

“They keep the place open. Not that I need it af’er the generous gift the hero Roland bestow’d on the place.”

The soldier let some more liquid slip before taking her first swig.

“Plus the taxes King Jamus brings in from the clothing sales ‘ould put me at a disadvantage if I tossed ‘em out.

A gulp of the liquor filled the soldier’s throat. She retreated back into her mind and a smile crept across her lips as she thought.

“A month ago. All of my comrades in one big army allied against a foe. All celebrating together here in The Last Adventure. We were all soldiers in that moment fighting for the kingdom. The kingdom is safe now. Do we need to stick around to protect it? Some of the friends I made have gone back home. Is it time for me to leave Dracoshire as well. I’ll definitely…”


It looked to be that kind of night.

“Another barkeep.”

“Love to love, but mind paying fer the first? I don’ mind giving credit seeing as how you’ve paid yer way every other day this week.”

“Just put it on those sods’ tab.” The solider craned her neck to the gaudy group.

“Will do. Will do.”

Another drink and back into her mind.

“Where was I? ‘I’d punch those sods, but I wouldn’t want them getting too excited to be touched by a lady’ as that gnome would say.”
A customer across the bar raised his eyebrows at the soldier.

“Dang, maybe these have been going down faster than I thought tonight. That must’ve slipped. Wonder if they heard me.” She glanced back at the table behind her.


“I think you are quite safe.”

Mr. Eyebrows seemed to slide into the seat next to her.

“I also believe you are quoting my somewhat less than erudite companion.”

“Our companion,” she interjected “but I’ve no idea what became of her. Some say she fled before the battle, others that she was swallowed whole by a tiger.”

The soldier began to tip her tankard once more before Mr. Eyebrows kept it upright with his cricket bat. The soldier glanced over quizzically.

“Much like all of history, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. If you like I can tell you about the great civilizations that came before our current era. Or of the traditions of some of beasts that men have taken to heart.”

“Let’s start with the gnome.”

The soldier was wise to make that decision early. True or false, this should be good entertainment. She reached back to her wallet to buy the storyteller a few drinks. A custom from the Blind Bard’s time. She decided not to though. Maybe she’d stick around. Maybe she wouldn’t. For now, she was going to let Mr. Eyebrows be Mr. Storyteller.

“Barkeep, two more here. Same tab as before.”

The bartender nodded and slid the drinks.


“As for the gnome, her story goes like this…”