View Full Version : Design the Raid boss contest for DotD

13th November 2010, 07:48
Can we have a design the raid boss for Dotd too? (Like there is in LoTs game). The rules would be the same.

Top ten picked would recieve "X" amount of credits (I think 50 each would be nice). The winner would get to have their boss the game.

14th November 2010, 04:18
This is something we'll consider, though it would have to be down the line - when we're preparing to put in our next load of guild raid bosses.

But we have knocked around some contest ideas which would give players a chance to leave their mark on the setting. So, people interested in that kind of thing won't be disappointed.

15th November 2010, 03:17
wow i love this event.

Dimitril Aerinil
12th December 2010, 19:00
I would love an event like this. ^^