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9th November 2010, 21:17
Here is my idea for a new magic

Title Bad Karma

Symbol Black and White yin yang

Effect 4x damage done 2x damage taken to 10 raid members

Proc % not sure up to devs

Tag Your bad karma has come back to bite everyone!

10th November 2010, 20:40

I would just call it Karma and it could be good or bad. I would give it a few outcomes
say something like
1) extra free hit (A Critical)
2) extra free hit
3) a reverse hit (restores monsters life for what would normally had been damage)
4) reverse hit (same thing but critical power)

10th November 2010, 21:59
It would make an interesting contest I think *hmmm* *hmmmmmmmmmmmm*, maybe next month *hmmmmmmmm* lol