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12th October 2010, 04:05
I used to be an autoleveler but, I got rid of my original facebook account to start all over again after the developers implemented at fix for autoleveling. Just because I like to feel like im on an even ground with everyone else. Just because a player started a week or a month or a year before someone, doesn't mean that player should stay top dog. The power should change hands every now and then.

Before I get ahead of myself and tell you my idea, I need players to let go of the thought of change. I know no one likes change, especially when it is such a dramatic one but I think my idea could make the game even more fun and even more competitive than its ever been before.

My idea is that after a certain amount of time (maybe a year, on new years or something) an age or season passes... whatever you want to call it. Everyone would be reset to zero, all items would be wiped (except for items purchased with Planet Coins of course) and the exciting power struggle would start all over again.

Now I know players who bought planet coins will always be ahead of the other players but, games that include an item shop or barter things for real life money will never truely be balanced anyway so that's just going to have to be something yourself as a person will have to choose to deal with or find a game that is pay to play or completely free in every way.

Anyway enough of my endless rambling, I want to hear what you guys think as a community and maybe you can elaborate onto my Idea or you have your own.

Deadman... out.

12th October 2010, 05:00
wiping out / reset?

no, don't think so

you have no idea how many clicks one need to do to achieve their level atm and the the time they waste on it
and what about the PC's used to refill stamina and energy at bazaar?
(btw, i'm a non paying player and never use this refill, just looking from different angle)

and this game is not intended to do a reset since the beginning
for this game, imo, doing a reset is just like committing suicide

12th October 2010, 05:27
I do have an idea of how many clicks it takes to get to a certain level, not nearly as many clicks as it does now ;-)

12th October 2010, 06:20
Wipe/reset after a certain point? If that was to happen to everyone, then the game would "literally" have no point.
what the point of going thru hours, days, weeks for something awesome, possibly legendary, spending PC to get
maybe... if its all gonna be gone? (far worse to those that paid, in the end, they get nothing out of it)

12th October 2010, 06:33
Put the bong down, Deadman. Walk slowly towards me and keep your hands where I can see them. These nice people
in white coats want to take you to a place you will really like....

12th October 2010, 09:08
People paid real world money to achieve their goals in this game. A reset would rob them of that money. The devs are finding ways to balance the game but a reset isn't going to be one of them.

Stewie Doo
12th October 2010, 12:40
I'm not really with this idea for a number of reasons, most of which have already been mentioned, but expanding on something the OP said, you would create a HUGE divide instantaneously between the PC spenders and those that dont pay.
You would have people with huge inventories dealing significantly more damage in raids etc. that people who suddenly dont even have the troops and legions to remain competitive in a raid. That will then cause problems where they wont be able to keep up with the damage required for loot, and people will simply get annoyed.

Dione the Breton
12th October 2010, 14:11
Put the bong down, Deadman. Walk slowly towards me and keep your hands where I can see them. These nice people in white coats want to take you to a place you will really like....
I second that :011:

Even for a non paying player that would be tragic: I spend many hours online to achieve what I want ingame, I invest time and I will lose EVERYTHING (since I don't have PC items at all). A reset is a horrible idea.

12th October 2010, 14:25
maybe you chose to reset yourself, but I dont know of any game that a person would want to start all over on. I was in closed beta and when we went to live beta all of us started over, was not a fun game and we knew it was going back to zero.

I am afraid your idea would stop ppl from playing altogether. I dont pay for pcs either, think i did like twice for a small amount in the early days, but i still put in alot of time and effort into this game. to have all of that wasted would be very upsetting.

the devs will work this out in a much better fashion

12th October 2010, 15:39
People are way too defensive. They say whats the point of playing a game if you're just going to lose everything? Well thats just it... It's a game. Not only that it's a game where the leveling system is unbalanced and players who abused it were not dealt with. They were just left at their insanely high levels and it just un-motivates most of the new people I talk to.

I would say half or more of you only spoke because you have a high level and most of you didnt even read my whole post, I could tell by the way you responded.

12th October 2010, 16:12
I play Life with my family and we start a new game each time. I play Monopoly with my friends and we start new each time. Spades and Hearts can be quick games that are new each time. Even single player computer game can be completed, reset, and restarted. However, I do not play ongoing, lengthy MMOs to be reset. The time investment and sense of accomplishment in a perpetucal online game is too vast to just dump all of your hard work.

Dawn of the Dragons was not designed for this purpose, and I don't see the Devs changing the path on us. Your concerns and ideas have been read and understood, but not agreed upon by the majority here. This is just not the game or audience for a complete game reset.

Dione the Breton
12th October 2010, 16:36
I would say half or more of you only spoke because you have a high level and most of you didnt even read my whole post, I could tell by the way you responded.
That can't exclude the rest posters that were also against the idea. I play about 5 days, am only lvl 56, I read you post in its entirety and I still don't want it reset.

I 'would say' something too; seems you didn't read our posts, or you would understand the suggestion to reset and preserve only PC items hurts a big number of DotD players: the ones that can't/don't buy CPs.

12th October 2010, 18:14
@Deadman- I read your entire post and understand your concerns. But try to look at it this way, in all "Online games/MMO's" there will always be someone that has started playing before you. Naturally they will probably be higher level, even if they are a casual player that maybe plays a few minutes every day or so. Eventually they will also be high level, and do you think it is fair to them to just reset them because they started before you? It just does not make sense to have a mass reset, your solution won't really "solve" anything, because people will just reach high level again eventually. (And new players will always be coming to a game, who aren't high level, because they started later)

I don't think it is the nature of this game or any other mmo to just have "resets". And I agree with Dione the Breton that a reset would not only hurt people that have payed for PCs but also people who have not payed for PCs. Time invested into a character is also another issue with your suggestion.

I guess maybe they could design a new face book game that does have resets every few months, but the players would go into that game well knowing it would be reset. Although I am not sure many would go into a mmo and play that much, if they knew it would just be wiped clean.

Happy hunting, and I hope you can still find enjoyment from this game. =)

13th October 2010, 08:15
The only reason I could see for a game to reset is if they offered rewards ie cash, giftcards, merchindise to people at the end of the resets.

13th October 2010, 15:16
I think there's two themes here related to balance.

The first is the acquisition of collections. At low levels it's hards to acquire a collection over the course of a level. But by nature of this game, it gets easier as you level up, in three ways.

As you quest, you will be able to keep getting drops in your favourite area due to the resets. Now an area (or set of areas) that may yield 1 collection at level 50 will yield 10 at level 500 an 40 at level 2000. In this way energy oriented characters are in a stage where 'the strong become stronger' as you increase in level.

Gifting is less of an issue but as you play more you can get more from gifts. I've heard of people getting 10+ collections a day from gifting alone. Some player receive 100+ gifts a day. But in the end you're limited to how many friends you can have and gift to, much more than the number of times you can click a quest.

Raiding again is less of a problem, but suffers from the same issue of the strong getting stronger, because you're limited to the number of raids you can get on, but even still as players become more powerful I have heard of some that can autolevel from raiding alone.

So, all 3 of these aspects can and will cause game imbalance if left unchecked. Perhaps it was an issue slightly overlooked initially, but any game where you have a 'strong get stronger' system is prone to the possibility of developing these kind of imbalances, with a worst case scenario of demoralizing some players and eventually shortening the game life. Tho it was maybe possible to visualize this by forward thinking, it would have been hard to detect during the closed beta. The reaction has been good in limiting the flow of collections, and I believe it will increase the game life, but the steps taken so far have delayed the problem rather than curing it, imho.

If ever increasing collections is one half or the problem, the second part of the balance equation is to do with leveling. The experience table of the game is such that you only need 14 more XP to level, compared with the previous level. This means that once you start getting 4 or so stat points per level, levelling becomes easier and easier. And with some players getting double digits it becomes almost inevitable to autolevel as you get to a higher level. I've heard of some players starting to auto level even without knowing they were doing it.

If leveling only becomes harder by 14 XP each time, but collections are ever increasing, eventually you're going to see more and more player racing levels and becoming mega powerful.

It may be possible to change the levelling table to compensate, but the two problems are : 1) what to do about players that are already very high (ive seen c. 1000 levels in a month lately) and 2) what to do about all the other existing players. There's few easy answers I can think of to this question right now. The longer it's left the harder it is to find an elegant solution.

IMHO, those are the two factors which influence game balance. I think the devs have done a good job buying more time, but we still have an issue, and what happens next I think will be important in determining how the game will become long-term balanced.

13th October 2010, 15:56
Excellently and Eloquently stated.

Although you commonly use the phrase IMHO, I instead hear the words of Kevin Bacon's character, Capt. Jack Ross as he states, "These are the facts of the case. And they are undisputed."

Thank you for taking the time to type out that lengthy reply. (I bet you still hit the 'Post Quick Reply' button though).

13th October 2010, 20:11
A reset would be great for the Developers..they could just sit back and not develop anymore! Personally, I want to see where they are taking us in the game! The map has 5 undeveloped areas... I have put in countless hours on this game, looking for raids to join, answering and sending gift requests and Battling and will continue too. Unless they reset..then I'm gone!! I came to the game after Dragon wars shut down. I was one of the closed Beta testers also and restarted on Day one! It is a great game and one day I aspire to also be level 1,000 and beyond!!! If you play a game in envy you will never be satisfied with your own achievements.

23rd October 2010, 19:09
It just plain wouldn't work. There is only one game I have played where a yearly reset worked, and that is the beloved Diablo II. And even then, you didn't have to play ladder, and when the ladder was reset you got to keep your characters and play them non-ladder which was really sweet for my smiter. (those of you who know, know.) haha. But to fully just blast away all the time, and in many cases money, people put into the game would be ludicrous. It would be like working for a company, working your way up a VP position, and then one day the head of the company says, okay great year guys, when you come back you will all have to start back in the mail room. Let's see who can make it back to the top next year. I know I would not like that, and the company (like the game) would fail.. I understand where you are coming from though. I sometimes feel like I am running an impossible race being lvl 230, against lvl 1500s? Idk what the top lvl is right now. But going at the rate I am going it is going to take me roughly 380 days to get to 1000. And honestly, I am okay with that. The game is fun, constantly coming out with new stuff, and it's a great way to waste my time between this job and that, or before I go to bed. Or even before my Call of Duty matches. Have fun with it. good morning and good night. :)

25th October 2010, 11:18
hmm... I can think of a good way of using reset. that would be reincarnation.. after you fight your way through heavens and hell, the gods offered to you another chance to save the world....

you can bring certain items to your next life.. and after you reincarnated you won't be able to access the old maps, old raids old craft and stuff.....
how about that??
still a normal reset is just plainly disappointing....