View Full Version : Guild enhancements. A use for our current massive surpluss of cash.

6th October 2010, 23:53
Building projekts for your guild.
you may choose to divert a % of youre income towards a common guild goal.
when enough recourses has been diverted to our cause- fixed number that needs to be payed for each contract to be met, they are enacted.

This could be:

Wizzard for hire! : players get doubble experience from guild raidbosses.lasting for 12h -The magnificent wizzard behind quickened mind casts his improved version on your guild.

war machines : when the fee is payed, all guild members recieve +20 attack in all guild raids until the machines have been damaged beyond repair (a fixed amount of dmg that they add to the fight or a set hour duration 12h perhapps? so that even smaler guilds have a better chanse of taking on harder bosses.)

Guild Bards: For a period of 12h, honor is regained 60sec faster
-after this, the Bards you have hired, have enough gold to drink themselves senseless, and do so! they will be sober again in a day or two.

The actions are Contracts that the guild sign with proffesionals, and they may hold 2 contrakts active at once.
The cost for each contract to be based on number of members -it's more expensive to get warmachines for a larger guild, magic materials etc

Hope you can live with my bad spelling.. Feel free to add suggestions on more contracts that could be implemented.

10th January 2011, 14:19
Great ideas!

11th January 2011, 01:58
I like it.

11th January 2011, 02:36
Some other ideas to add to yours for improving guilds-

I like the idea of incorporating your guild somehow. In Dreamworld they can contribute money and get different bonuses for the alliance as you get higher up in awards for the guild. They use experience bonuses there, but it doesn't have to be experience bonus in DotD. It could be something like a 1% damage bonus for all members at award level one. (just an example) And it would require *alot* of money to get these awards, so it definitely would not be a free handout.

It would also give an additional perk and another reason to have pride in your guild, because you would know you have worked together to achieve the awards. =)

13th January 2011, 14:05
aye. the main idea behind having things in the guild, is to promote teamwork.(in my opinion) Giving a small /large sense of family, community makes it even more addictive to stick to a guild. The issue is to make the bonus good enough for a large crowd, but still usefull for the one persson contributing.

13th January 2011, 18:22
I like it all with the exception of the QM/add xp idea. QM is the enemy of PvP power - it allows you to level faster but gives you less opportunity to farm effectively.

13th January 2011, 19:11
Qm could work if the Devs would implement some kind of pvp farming system

14th January 2011, 00:39
Qm could work if the Devs would implement some kind of pvp farming system

They already have. It's called "haste." Doubles your xp but still gives you extra damage to make your farming more effective.

12th February 2011, 11:07
Been thinking some more on this one.
The things that a guild needs, is more honor faster and more dmg/pts of honor.
+20 attack to all members... isn't that fun for a guild.
People seem to love procs and magic. Weel.. siege engines are supposed to be in the frameworks.. as it states coming soon in your legion area.
But you will be needing siege enginers, and when fighting other guilds you would want to be countering those deffenses of his.
So I'm thinking guilds can hire mercenaries to counter other guilds - using historical template of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landsknecht
they take a spot like magic.. and gives you a chanse to get your hands on a landsknecht soldier -a guy used for taking out pikes.. should be equal to a springing stabber9/1 or with a loow dropp chanse - special troop Wilhelm der Avanteur- 12/4 Human/melee/wisdom "zweihander: chanse for bonus dmg;Wilhelms dmg increaes for each landsknecht you have in your army.

12th February 2011, 11:10
oh.. and they should also do some dmg say.. 2x basedmg but with a higher frequency -5%?
if you happen to get one of the soldiers.. he will cost you 1 mill - if you dont have anny money, you don't get him. dropp rate on proc perhapps 3%

for Wilhelm, you have to give 20mill. or he won't come. dropp rate on proc perhapps 1%