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26th September 2010, 08:41
This started as a response to another thread, but as I typed, it developed into it's own. (in case I miss editing anything related to the other thread).

I had a thought about something that I think might be an interesting addition to the game, and that's something similar to a certain MMO's merit system, whereby people can use PC's to buy additional traits. Nothing game-breaking between PC players and non PC players, but let's say, something like 5 PC's to permanently merit a trait such as;

1% increased chance to crit
1% increased chance to blink
1% chance to convert 5 honor to stamina
1% chance to convert 10 energy to 5 stamina
1% chance to convert 5 stamina to honor
1% chance to convert 5 stamina to 10 energy

Now those are just examples, but let's say each trait could only be merited, or upgraded 5 times. and each account can only have 10-15 upgrades. There could be other traits too, of course, and the more traits, the higher the max amount of upgrades. This, I think, would allow for some additional customization of characters, especially for those who prefer certain builds, such as pvp'ers, or raid hunters, while not being too game-breaking. I think it might also provide additional incentive to some people to buy PC's.

Anyways, just a thought.

30th September 2010, 21:29
If the merits were thought out well and balanced thus as well, I think it would be a nice spice. Kinda similar as the personal Buffs/Debuffs that were mentioned somewhere. As a mostly F2P person though, I'm not 100% behind the idea of them being PC purchases but I guess if they weren't too expensive and some of them could be acquired elsewhere as well... :) Anyway, I'm all for the idea of having more choices to customize your character to make it stand out from the masses and feel like your own. :)

1st October 2010, 15:57
Well, the point of all games based on this business model is to provide extra reward for those who pay real money for items and services and such. The devs do have to perform a balancing act in making sure that the rewards for paying customers don't alienate the free-playing customers, because they can still wield a pretty big advertising stick. With the suggestions I came up with for merits, while they were just examples, I still tried to think along those lines and come up with suggestions that F2P customers probably wouldn't take issue with.

And thanks for responding to this, I was beginning to despair of anyone answering, lol. :)