View Full Version : Custom Armor Sets

18th September 2010, 15:24
i feel like it would be a good idea to give the ability to make "outfits" that you can switch to without having to change each individual piece of armor. a couple examples would be like an "about to level" armor set, with a click of a button you can put on all your gear that gives additional stamina/energy and then switch back to a "max attack" set that equips items that give you the most attack. you could make it like the legions. where you go though and equip all the items to the slot and it will change them all out at once. i fell like it would be a widely used feature that everyone would like.

Draco Occisor
18th September 2010, 20:29
Yup would be pretty awesome, has been mentioned a few times now, i think the masses would really like it.. just have a few armour tabs along the top of character where you could switch between customs, would be usefull for a few things. not sure if its been considered at all, but if im to hazzard a guess i dont think it will be among devs highest prioritys atm, think its may have been considered for the future though, not sure. but im all for the idea! :)