View Full Version : More Mount Options?

18th September 2010, 14:57
The options for non-Raid non-Planet Coin mounts are . . well, about as limited as you can get; it's only one.

And while it's a viable, if odd, mount there should be more, of both lesser and greater abilities.

Like a horse that's better than the farming horse, but worse than the bandit's tiger, something like
"Guard's Horse", the guards of Burden's Rest used these horses to patrol around the city. They seem to have a strange affinity for rounded pastries.

Then a mount better than the tiger
"Warhorse" These prize stallions were bred for combat, carrying a heavily armored soldier in battle. It's just a little odd they gallop in step as if in a parade formation.

18th September 2010, 21:54
If you want to completely avoid PC purchases and Raids, there are currently 2 mounts you can get through Quest, 1 you can buy for gold and 1 you can get through Gifts. There are currently 10 mounts you can get in the game, when you cut out Raids (2), Guild Raids (3) and PCs (1), that still leaves you with 4.

20th September 2010, 04:42
I actually have 10 different types of mounts (except for the newest PC Mount), and I'd gladly get more PC if I had a job and money.

I don't want to avoid PCs, and I'm doing raids all the time one right after another (trying hard to get two more blood bottles, then complete the rest of the Hachiman's set once I do). It's just there's so few mount options avaliable for gold. Armor upgrades with each story arc, from studded leather, to bronze, then steel. Main Hand upgrades from Short Spears, to daggers and Elven Blades, and axes. Off Hands go from daggers and Small Shields, to Medium Shields and Kris' on to Tower Shields. Even rings get 3 levels of avaliability.

But mounts go from nothing to Tigers, and then nothing else. Why can't there be more mounts added in? I'm not asking for some uber mount, just something to bridge the gap between the one farming horse, tigers and Raid/PC Mounts.

The reason I suggest it is because there's so few gold mounts avaliable, and due to my play style. I buy no more than 100 items to equip my army with. I know that means I'll be weaker than the players who buy 501 of the highest grade avaliable, but in my (RPing) mind, I can't play like that. Any army worth it's fighting skills relies on a mixed force of soldiers, from foot soldiers to cavalry, and so on. In my mind I see my army equipped as such, leather clad scouts armed with parrying and small daggers, bronzed soldiers with spears and shields, steel clad troops with axes and tower shields, then finally the 'Hero' soldiers using the PC and Raid equipment. I just have difficulty seeing them all riding Bandit Tigers. :013: