View Full Version : Raid Leave

13th September 2010, 04:41
I dont know if this has been suggested yet but sometimes i want to leave a raid but i cant so i have to wait forever to do so. So i was thinking you should give peopel the option for people to leave the raid.

14th September 2010, 00:10
the point of being in a raid is to kill the guy. If everyone could leave when they wanted then the thing would never get hit. LOL

try hitting it more LOL

22nd September 2010, 00:03
I too would like to be able to leave a raid. Sometimes I get in them and there is nothing I want from the loot drop, at that point I would like the "leave raid" option.

23rd September 2010, 19:25
yea thats what i meen what elyona said

26th September 2010, 08:12
You could always look up ~Nago's DotD compendium to see what loot drops in a raid before you join it. Or use it to find out which raids you want to join, even easier.