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11th September 2010, 04:02
if there was a possibility to buy coins with money, tat would make it amazing!!!!!!....cause i got mils and mils of money in the bank doing nothing....LOL

Just a suggestion, if it does not benefit the Maker of DOTD then maybe there is a black market for players to put their bitting on the market for coins.

Any other ideas guys?

11th September 2010, 04:09
you cant buy regular coins just planet coins then turn those into reg coins in the bazaar

11th September 2010, 08:44
Im a new player who plays several games on facebook faithfully.My only major gripe with this game {and many others} is the complete lack of anything useful or interesting in the bazaar for regular gold,as best I can tell gold is of no use at all other than to keep you from being naked {not that being naked is bad}.I understand that you need support in the form of cash to keep the game developing,but I have had the same bland studded armor for the last ten or so levels and with no option to upgrade except buy your coins or luck up on a raid,Im starting to question the use of this money I have.I have been known to pay for premium content in a few games that have kept my attention for longer than a week,and I really want this to be one of those games.Please keep in mind all of us that have a fear of commitment and need to wait till after the third date before we take you to "that high dollar french restaurant"...till then its "Mcdonalds"..AKA studded leather armor!! Keep up the good work.:011:


11th September 2010, 10:12
It would have to be alot of gold for a single coin, I'm thinking a billion or so.

12th September 2010, 11:04
yeah even if it was a billion fr a single coin....its still somethign we can work towards rather nothing, if u guys know wat i mean....so yeah, its just a suggestion cause some people like me, have no money...but absolutely love the game!!!! hahahaha......i used to play hobowars and i was really dedicated to it, and for those of u who did play Hobowars on fb, u might have see me in WC as Yakuza7712 or something...LOL

I think the way they set up on being able to sell/buy things it really made the game a lot more competetive and people get more addicted!!! hahaha, i guess the developers would love to have more addicts and i am already one so yeah......

12th September 2010, 11:05
you cant buy regular coins just planet coins then turn those into reg coins in the bazaar

yeah planet coins, tats wat i was talkign about and using normal gold coins to buy planet coins XD

Daenerys Targaryen
13th September 2010, 03:59
That would be inane, stupid, game breaking, and counter-productive for the people that have constructed this game. For instance, soon I will be well over 2 million gold an hour, within 1 week after getting that number, I should easily be at 2.5 million per hour, the income will just continue to stack, making any price much too easy over time. What you want are freebies, you want things just handed to you when other people, have, and will spend money to get the same items. How is that rewarding? In that case they should just make all of those items free, and you grab as many as you want. Heck, lets make them all giftable as well while we are at it. In every game I have played this idiotic suggestion always crops up, how is it that common sense and general intelligence became something rare? I am shocked. Well, not really, I used to be, but inanity no longer bothers me as much due to the overwelming presence of it.

At level ten I was no longer wearing Studded Leather. Fight some Raids, gift, and help on quests. You replace it quite quickly.

13th September 2010, 05:33
Wow ,yes inane...thats what I was...so sorry for suggesting such a "counter-productive" thing.I mean the whole point of all of this is to make things more productive for the creators and....hey wait..no its not....its to make things as "productive" for the player AKA..the consumer.I have no problem with paying for content,what I simply suggested was that there wasnt much in the way of anything for people to buy in the bazaar who dont buy the coins.I do thank you though for the warm welcome and I will be sure to not make any more "idiotic suggestions" ..and I hope my feeble minded ravings have not disrupted or lowered your MENSA qualified IQ ..your Royal Highness.

"I quote myself,therefore I am awesome". - R1Builder

13th September 2010, 12:17
come on, its just suggestions, if u have played HW2 then u will understand what i mean, there is no need to get frustrated.... its just a suggestion...:S:S:S

14th September 2010, 00:08
my suggestion is this, i dont pay to get planet coins. but then again i am in the US and have the survey of the day i can do most days to get free planet coins. not that i qualify everyday. but once a week is an extra 15 or so planet coins.

as for bland armor? if you play the first town thru on normal then got to the next town you will get more stuff in the bazaar. I am almost level 500 and i did the whole thing on normal and then went back and did the rest. I am now "Farming" for oranges as that is what i need for +2 pts.

22nd September 2010, 00:22
I was thinking of the option of spending the gold somewhere other than the Bazaar. Perhaps when we get a list of those players that have attacked us in the PVP we can have the option of putting them in the stocks for others to take shots at. Or call it a dungeon. This price would be on a sliding scale relative to where the player is in the game. Someone high up would cost a great deal more than a beginner. You could pay for a length of time the player is in the stocks or maybe someone would have to bust you out and claim a bonus.

Interested to hear what you all think about this idea or for more ideas to build on this concept.