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{ooc} anyone is welcome to play along if they wish. I just enjoy writing and so figured I could start my own tale and thread Promise's arrival in Burden's rest is in the Tavern thread.{end ooc}

Mouse had been a stable boy in her father’s stables, back in High Hopes, before the monsters had appeared without warning and destroyed the small village and holding. In the end, she’d regained consciousness not too seriously hurt, but she was alone in that. Nothing but dead family and friends and servants met her gaze in those frightening hours when she felt as if she aged unthinkably from the trauma, and yet, conversely, regressed into a childish need for reassurance and comfort.

There was none of that to be had, though, and she’d ransacked what was left of her father’s armor and weaponry, found her own favorites, and packed them out in a mindless idea of going to Burden’s Rest, the nearest town she knew the way to, and getting help. The fire within her for revenge and to get the guilty to pay kept her going for the two day hike.

There was no help, though. The monsters had been here, too, and she’d learned they were everywhere it seemed, attacking and at war, inexplicably. The warriors were massing to do what they did best, and she felt every kinship in the world with them, through her Father, who’d been a great one in his day and retired and taught many of the present warriors some of their skills back in their own earlier days.

But, it was one-sided. Her Papa was dead, now, and she was just a seemingly ridiculous, too young, too pretty, too little chit of a girl, with not much about her to even remind anyone of her papa, if anyone even remembered him, now. Given a Squireship for his bravery and courage, he’d been content, wanted nothing more than his small holding and students and quiet, and when that palled, to train his one child up in his own skills and develop her to the best ability he was able to.

She was knowledgeable with a sword, but the fact was they were mostly too heavy for her to wield long or really well. What she loved was archery, and razordisks, and throwing knives. She wasn’t very good at wrestling, but she was vicious with a razor, and her favorite weapon for close in work was a coral blade he’d gifted her for one of her natal days.

“Not necessarily a weapon set and skill set that typical warriors would deem honorable, but a fellow who plays by the rules and forms doesn’t fare all that well in a street brawl. If you cannot deal with it as it comes in the street you may as well not bother with all the training, I say,” Squire Redmane had coomented one day as he fashioned wristlets for her size to conceal her razordisks in, as she’d watched and learned how he did it. “Play to your strengths, and you’re a bit of a thing, so killing your enemy away from you is not a bad thing and still a kill.”

Well, Papa was gone, and so was her Mama, who always wept and complained he was destroying her daughter’s hopes to ever mate well, with all the war training and this distressing emphasis on killing things and hunting and learning stealth and masculine things. That there were many great female warriors was a fact lost on Mama. She lived for Court and Society and wealth and being as feminine as she could muster, even if it came from fragrance and cosmetic bottles.

One of the monsters was clear in her memory. A dragon, lizardish sort of fellow, with a scar along the left side of his tough hided face, and yellowish green tones to his skin, which seemed like scales. His eyes were yellow and reptilian. She’d formed the promise in her heart to find that monster and those he ran with and kill them for killing her family and destroying her home. On the long, shock maddened hike, she’d renamed herself promise, and believed with all the passion of her 17 years that she’d succeed and find them and kill them all.

Her short visit to the tavern to find food had woken her up to harsh reality. These warriors did not know her and were not like the friendly ones she’d met under the aegis of her Father. They either ignored her, boded to be trouble, or found her amusing near as she could tell, and really, how could she argue any of that?

She’d eaten and escaped, only to run into one survivor from home – Mouse. As was his knack, he’d already scoped out the town, had friends and a hiding place, and so it was a good find for her and they’d slept in his spot in the very back of the loft over the stables for the town.

Dawn found her awake, roused by the sounds of warriors calling for their mounts below, and arming up outside, so she got up and refreshed herself in a bucket of water Mouse had fetched for them, then went through her gear more sanely and armed up with what she actually could use and fit and fight in if need be.

Mouse looked over her castoffs and geared himself up as he could.

“Miss, are you quite sure you want to be doing this? You could go to Lady Bellsworth, you know, and she’d take ye in for sure and see you safe.”

“I am sure I do NOT want to be doing this, Mouser, but I am also certain I need to be doing this. I am the only Redmane left, and they need to pay or I need to die trying to make them pay. If I had been a son there would be no doubt about it, and there shouldn’t be just because I am just a girl.”

“Ah, well, I feel better about this, then,” Mouse said happily, which made her look at him doubtfully, wondering how he meant that, but he seemed busy packing up their few supplies and hiding away the weaponry she hadn’t opted to pack or take.

Her father’s favorite, prized twin swords, she mounted across her back. She was competent with them, just not nearly as good as he’d been, and there was no way she could leave them behind.

“We need mounts, but there won’t be but nags available here, so I guess we have to be hoping to find a couple good strays roaming from a battle or take down an enemy with a good one or two. Papa told me a story about doing that once when his own horse was slain from under him.”

“Even the nags cost the earth now,” Mouse warned.

“I have coins and jewels,” she said briefly, not adding more to that. “Here, take one of these cloaks, they will seem a bit much in the heat but they repel water and in the cool you will be glad of it. You have the daggers and the sword you wished also?”

“Yes, Miss. I took all I knew a bit about for myself. Your Papa trained anyone who didn’t run away from him,” he smiled, remembering the garrulous old tyrant with the heart of a lover in his chest. He’d been the father figure for many a young boy, and had always had an open door for the orphans. A very kindly man, under the fading red mane of hair and aging features. The one thing he had truly loved more than his own life, though, had been his one child, Delia Redmane. Promise, now, and perhaps forever. So, as far as Mouse was concerned, she was now his family and reason for being. He’d watch out for her and stay with her to his very best ability. Squire would want him to be doing that, and so he would to the very best his streetwise 15 years would accomplish.

She brushed out her waist length mane of red and then bound it up and covered it under her helmet, drawing up her cloak hood to shadow her face a bit, not wishing to draw attention .
“Ready?” she asked tightly, tense.

“Ready,” he agreed.

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“Just making sure ye hadn’t gone yet. Some of us want to go with you two. Not like anybody else is wanting kids tagging along with them.”

Mouse looked at her and frowned, before climbing down the ladder to greet the caller as she finished secreting her coins and jewelry, then decided at the last to bring the weapons she’d hidden away up here. Heavy, maybe a waste, but you never knew and they might never get back here. They could be stolen and had been her Father’s. If nothing else, they might sell. With a sigh, she hefted them up and carried them down, clattering as she went.

Mouse was arguing with two burly, hulking boys who appeared to be her age or a bit older.

“She is my Lady, I am a servant loyal to her House, I was loyal to Squire Redmane, and I am loyal to her. We are all that is left, which is the only reason we’re even going on this mad effort, for revenge and for the ones we lost. But, there is a good reason the warriors don’t want us around. We’re not as good and this isn’t a game or practice. It will take us time to learn and get good, and we’re going to have to be smart about it, not rushing in to volunteer to die,” Mouse argued.

“What? You don’t think we know that? You don’t think we are good enough or smart enough or deserve to fight for Redmane? We’re the best hunters and trappers going around here, can catch anything, and this is just bigger game and for a better reason than selling meat to survive between menial jobs! We go with you two, we do well, and maybe when it is over, we’ll get to be Redmane loyalists back up there and live at High Hopes, rebuild it, serve a good house and not be drudges with nobody out here. Squire always did care about boys like us. I am lethal with a solid club and Loon is good with a sword, but evil with the poisons he knows how to make and uses on his weapons and blowdarts. We’re going away to fight and find what we can to improve our lot, with or without you, but we’d rather do it with you and be with a group who has a hope and a place and won’t be thinking we’re just kids and another thing to bother with out there.”

“You think to swear to Redmane?” Promise asked, interrupting the dispute.
“Yeah, we want to be somebody, someday. It is just death and work out here for kinless kids like us. We get the cast offs and forgotten soon as the work is done. Squire is who paid for us both to get schooling. He paid for the school here, I mean he paid a lot, so they’d also teach kids who were orphaned or from poor houses. So, we should fight for him, and we want to!”

“His nick is Loon. What is your’s?” she asked.

“They call me StrawHead around here, coz of my hair color and how it goes all anyhow. But, my Mama named me Steffen, Lady,” the blond boy of the two replied, scratching at the stubble of a juvenile beard he was trying to grow.

“Well, then, Steffen it is, because warriors of my house get respect and not named things like that, if that is what you mean to become. Can you use any of these weapons? I don’t wish to leave them or carry them about either,” she decided.

The two armored up with the leavings and took what they could use, and Loon packed out the rest as if it weighed nothing, both delighted to be a part of their party. Despite the truth of themselves, as the armor got put on and their motley little group grew, they didn’t look as motley as before. The armor was top grade, at least. What they lacked, she expected to gain shortly, with these three being clever and experienced thieves when forced to it, under it all.

Faedark Valley, she kept hearing as being the next major passage from here, and many were on foot, so they fell in and headed out, avoiding others or notice as they could, leaving Burden’s Rest behind as dawn began to light the sky. Dew was thick on the grass, and helped dampen the stench of the pyres as they trudged along , but it was a while before she finally felt she could raw a deep breath and not suffer that stink. Fresh air, beautiful gently rolling forests and small farms dotted the way, most in ruins now, but the land was lovely and benevolent, despite the enemy turning it all into worrisome ground, unwalled, unprotected, vulnerable, to her mind. High Hopes needed walls built about it, when they rebuilt.

A plan, a hope, beyond tha vague promise to enact revenge and it helped her feel more of a sense of a purpose and less of the sickening sensation of being cast adrift on open sea without a paddle, even.

Poison tipped weapons… poison arrows… they’d be not much good as direct warriors, but maybe they could get really good at surprise and stealth and killing that way. It wasn’t as if cutting her own kin down in the night had been honorable, and what good was honor anyway, against an enemy with none of it?

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19th April 2013, 11:49
Hidden in the shadows of an upper story room across the from where the kids. No scratch that. Where the younger adults were having thier discussion. A man, and woman. Battle hardened. Decked out in well used. Well maintained though motly asortment of gear, and weapons. Turn to each other. The woman softly speaks. "They are detemined. Thats for sure, and the poison idea is one I wish I had thought of."
The man replies with the same abouve a whisper tone. That was garunteed to not let the sounds of thier voices carry to those gathered below. "You were much the same back then Lady Mariko. They are woefully under prepared. Perhaps we could offer assistance. A few pointers, or some trainning."
Mariko gives a sharp penetrating look to the man. "Warbender Darkbane. How many times have I said to not call me Lady. My noble family, and clan are all dead. You know that." With a smirk, and a twinkle in his eye to suggest amusement. He replies. "Four hundred, and twelve times to date m'lady." With a resigned look Mariko turns back to the sceen below. "Perhaps if you were to give them some advice. It couldnt hurt. I see at least one of them has some sort of skill as a thief. The boy mentioned Redmane. I remember a man by the name of Redmane. My father had some sort of pact. An agreement of equals he called it. More like some sort of mutual aid agreement. It never had the chance to come to fruition. I agree. If we cross paths again with yonder group. We aid them as we can. Come on my friend. Lets get out of here." "Certainly...... M'Lady" With a disgusted snort the woman Mariko Himura Minowara Last of the rulling dynasty of the far eastern shores. Left the room followed by her childhood friend. As they walked away from the group Mariko couldn't help but think 'Kuso. We are alike in a lot of ways. Her, and I. Both of our families lost to us forever. Both bent on taking our vengence from the murdering bastards who took them. I just wonder about the ones behind this sensless death. Yes we will give aid. If we meet, and if they live.' The pair are soon lost in the shadows cast by the morning light. [ooc[There. Introduction of characters complete. Hope my writting stacks up to yours, and I am going love see'in where this goes.]]