View Full Version : Magic.

27th August 2010, 21:04
I was just thinking about how enoying it is when some one has a better magic then the one on the raid and then we talk about it in the chat and i remove it but when i got back some one alway put lesser psn befor he gets in so we always miss eachother. any way maybe u could do so the summoner can choose what magic works on his raid. Lets say its a small raid and he wants QM and haste then there would be a litte text under the magic up to the left saying that. So he could choose what magic he wants in the magic slots this could help many caus not every one likes the chat or knows what magic is best :)

31st August 2010, 11:09
My suggest is we how about a player could cast multiple magics. My character has all the strongest magics and I hope I could cast them all at a signle raid.

2nd September 2010, 13:21
true but then some one that does not know how to play has a chance of useing many low magics caus i think there will come a lot more magics. Just think of having the option on the slots. (any) and change it to what u want it to be or if u dont know what magic u want just let it be on any :)