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27th August 2010, 11:41
Sorry if any this has been brought up before...

1: How about an amulet slot for our characters?

2: We have 2 hands, could we have 2 ring slots? :34:

3: Any chance of having a "remove raid" button for our active raid page? If we see that a raid is clearly going to fail :002: and we haven't attacked then the ability to remove it from the list would be handy :008:

4: Ability to promote army members within your army. You have 6 people to promote and each position gives a passive bonus to each player. And each player chooses a position that they'd like to be able to be promoted into (and then they remain that for all time).

Example, 6 slots as follows...

1: Captain (+ 2 honor to player, +1 honor and 2% chance to have attack in epic raid cost no stamina or honor for the selected player)

2: Lieutenant (+1 honor to player, +1 honor and 2% chance to gain +2 stamina when attacking in epic raids for the selected player)

3: Raid Champion (+1 attack to player, +1 attack and 2% chance to do critical hit for the selected player)

4: Guard Commander (+1 defense to player, +1 defense and 2% chance to get double exp in epic raid attacks for the selected player)

5: Bodyguard (+1 stamina to player, +1 stamina and 2% chance to gain + 2 energy during epic raids for the selected player)

6: Strategist (5% chance to double gold in epic raid attacks for both players and 2% chance to do double strike)

So if player X chooses to be a Guard Commander then player X remains that and anyone in their army can choose player X to be their Guard Commander. Player X only receives the bonus once no matter how many people choose him.

Obviously, if this was ever to be implemented then it would have to be tested / changed etc

Draco Occisor
27th August 2010, 13:05
1. I like the idea, i thought of sugesting item items (sounds silly lol) a while ago, so things like you say, amulet, a hide to ware, sword sheaths, cloak/cape, crown, spikes, or even having the poutch as a warable item, being able to cary 2-3 would be cool but still just ideas.

2. Not so sure 1 ring is enough for me, id just like to see more of them, wich we will!

3. Deffinatly, i really want to see that, needs a confirm button though so you dont do it by accident, but that could take time to implement

4. The idea of having 5-6 top army members is really awesome... I really like the general idea of that!! your sugested system could be abused though so can't see it happening, maby just a flat bonus to them all within your own attk and deff in pvp.
But eventually have them on your profile to so that other players can see who they are also. Would be an interesting prospect to have to equip them also like your own player, but you unlock the slots for them as you play and gain lvls and somhow have it equate into your attk deff obviously not to too greater effect! so not to over power the system!