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25th August 2010, 18:07
doesn't it sound interesting if we have our private house/room(something like guild room)?
it will be fun seeing our empty room slowly filled with items from our adventure

in this house/room, there will be:

1. wardrobe; where we change our equipments, same function as inventory
and maybe add some modifications, like a separate cabinet/table for "Consumeable" items

2. board; same function as "message wall"

3. trophy room/cabinet; where our achievements will be shown
some idea here:
> if we kill a raid boss, we will be given "trophy" / "miniature" of the boss, also the records ( how much kill, how much total damage done, etc )
> if complete a quest on an area, same like raid boss ( record how many times we complete that quest )
> record our +stats bonuses through crafting ( or maybe add it on "Craft" beside the item; something like Dragonsbane: crafted 10x )
> record pvp achievements ( win, lose, etc )
> etc

4. furnitures; either just for decoration or give some effects
these furnitures are upgradeable/purchaseable/dropable/craftable, which mean we must get it first before the effects take place
> [input furniture name here]; increase energy/stamina regeneration slightly (1 sec maybe)
> [input furniture name here]; instantly replenish energy/stamina for x point (once per day only)
> boss' heads? (or the other part), maybe a legendary drop from raid boss
each has different effect ( +energy/stamina/attack/ etc )
> other limited edition items, i'm sure people like being different with others :005:

5. --- more ideas maybe come, hopefully

maybe adding tax ( -gold/hour ) for this house/room

so yeah, replace "Profile" with this idea
so, instead of seeing a person with equipments, we see his/her room/house
(also, people can set privacy setting if s/he don't want others to see his/her room or achievement)

just a thought before sleeping :goodnight:

25th August 2010, 18:18
Cant do it.. seems to much like pokemon

Ude Hikaru
25th August 2010, 20:20
not pokemon.. it like a pet game lol, but nice Idea since many RPG game had it. maybe a castle hahaha, but you already had some that look alike in Guild page, many thing will coming soon, so just wait