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12th March 2013, 20:00
As an addendum to an answered question in which Mouse answered that there were priorities of certain new aspects to the game that seem to have priority over the more mundane additions that many players have been clambering for, or that there are certain technical difficulties that the players may not be aware of.

If you would please extrapolate on 2 questions: Why is a "seemingly" simple Quality of Life increase, i.e. more equipment racks to help use all the speciallized gear that is being offered and that is currently used, i.e. questing gear set, raiding gear set, v. demon gear set, v. dragon gear set, v Collosal raid v set, v. undead ... pvp profile being given lower priority versus other aspects of the game when it (along with legion favorites) would decrease dramatically the tedium of having to hand select multiple pieces of equipment every time one wanted to maximize their efficiency in specific situations. Bluntly, why are seemingly simple QoL priorities which would add IMMENSELY to every player's experience being shuffled behind much more ambitious (thus time consuming, delay filled priorities) when they so apparently, at least to me, far outstrip those others' utility?

If technical, could you please briefly go over some of the technical snafus that seem to be postponing 1) more equipment sets 2) legion favorites, so as to help us understand and offer more patience for it and possibly elicit the elegant solution from one of your many thousands of devoted players.


12th March 2013, 21:06
The keyword you've repeated here is "seemingly simple", a lot of features that may seem very easy to implement at first glance aren't always quite so simple once you get down into it. Though the opposite is also the case in some situations as well.

I've spoken at length with the tech team about the Item Rack for example, that's a feature we're considering but it's not as simple as players think it is and will take time away from other features. In this particular example we decided that additional Item Racks is something we'd like to add, but not ahead of other features such as Communities for example. Doesn't mean it won't get added, it's just a matter of priority.

That said, there are definitely features that are smaller "quality of life" enhancements that we can and will likely add in between larger additions to the game (such as Communities). Something we're currently working on is a way to display Buffs that players have, including Legion Boosts and Potions.

Legion favorites are still planned, and we're actually laying the groundwork for that feature with some other additions.

Sometimes priority also comes down to "where do we start?" with Communities for example we decided there is some groundwork to lay before it can be fully implemented to its fullest.

PvP isn't something that should be addressed in a hurry, it deserves some serious design time and will receive that appropriately.