View Full Version : [Answered] 5pg's estimation of "value"

12th March 2013, 19:46
It's a word that is often bandied about. I've noticed it especially in Felendis' and the late Dah's language, that DotD strives to add value to the player's experience. While it might sound obtuse or mistaken as incendiary, I please ask that you don't take it so. Simply: what is "value" to 5pg?

For instance, currently in the Relics pack is a troop (Silent Singer) with 40ATT 85DEF for 20pc, with the added cost that it could be duped many times over while seeking higher tier items. Since this troop is already underpowered compared to even free troops, is it then simply for the collectors out there to, in Pokemon fashion "catch them all"? And if for that intent, why add it to a relic pack where the player might get many of them. For the collector, 1x is enough, and for anyone else it seems only to add to some AP fodder and a some fraction of a point increase to some premium generals, and then again, you'd need only 1.

Since the goal is to add value to a player's experience, wouldn't some stat buff be required before going out to sell them? Or does 5pg see it as the troll prize amongst other prizes that are worth it? Or, catering to the collectors, is the 20pc an equitable cost for the value it gives?

Even simpler: does 5pg believe that 20pc is a good price point for items that sorely lack comparative strength to other currently obtainable and similarly priced items because of the collectors and small boost to some other items? Thank you in advance for answering the question. :)

12th March 2013, 21:54
There is no simple answer to this question, value is very subjective. We talk about value as a holistic experience and not on specific item terms because of the type of game this is; its a free to play digital game with microtransactions. Everyone's perception of value is different because of the way they experience the game, so outside of setting the cost of specific items (like Limited Offers, Premium Items, etc.), we leave the determination of value up to the individual.