View Full Version : [Answered] Spoiler A Tale of Two Swords storyline question.

12th March 2013, 19:24
A Tale of Two Swords-Diminutive Malice this part of the story line involves what is called a ber. It isn't capitalized is this an abbreviation for something else or is this a new race in the storyline.

12th March 2013, 19:25
They're basically our setting's version of hobbits or halflings.

Another mention (from memory, the only one) can be found in the lore blurb for one of the very early items:

Ring of Flickering

A ber possessed a ring which could make him invisible. Unfortunately this meant that the wagon driver didn't see him as he crossed the road. The ring was damaged when the wheels went over it, and now causes the wearer to flicker between visibility and invisibility.

12th March 2013, 19:26
Thank your for your response.