View Full Version : [Answered] Beginner Mentoring

12th March 2013, 19:01
So, as this is a rather dense game, it can be rather hard for new players to get up to speed. To that end, my guild has written several guides, including a beginners guide that appears to be getting almost 2k hits a day, proving it is a tangible need.

I assume communities can kind of help this, but while Kong at least has different rooms to allow people to be more easily heard, the massive chat scrolling of the other platforms makes it harder for beginners to get up to speed.

Is there any thought to coming up with a way to better mentor new players to help them get into the game (and hopefully, not leaving out of frustration)? Perhaps a beginners room or forum area just for them.

12th March 2013, 20:38
Communities should definitely help with this as there will be more ways to communicate with players at that point.

Outside of Communities we're always working towards improvements for new players and presenting information more clearly. We have a few improvements already in concept but they're still in their early stages at this time.