View Full Version : [Answered] Legendary quest craft randomness

12th March 2013, 18:58
When developing quest crafts (such as the legendaries), do you guys have a general feel of how much energy you expect to be sunk into it? Are there any plans to somehow ensure someone gets a particular craft, despite their luck? For example, some people have had to clear NM Z8-Sisters 20 times to get a music in a bottle, where others only had to clear normal.

Do higher difficulties truly have a higher chance at dropping the quest mats?

12th March 2013, 19:11
We plan out an estimation on the amount of Energy spent for crafts as a whole (so this includes Legendary items). Sometimes players get lucky or unlucky, but we run stats and collect information to help ensure these drops are meeting the design intent.

Yes, there is a definite improvement in Legendary craft drops as you move up the difficulties.

12th March 2013, 19:20
Just to make sure; does that mean that, on average, it will cost less energy for a craft on nm than a lower difficulty or does it simply mean that you have a higher chance while it also costs a lot more to do a quest on nightmare.

12th March 2013, 19:43
Does this mean on-drop things (like the blue owls , notes, and arrest records and such in z8) have a higher chance to drop in NM?