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12th March 2013, 18:40
Legitimately asking: as I got the intonation from a response Felendis made regarding the outcry regarding expeditions. I can't find the exact quote, but I felt that he meant to highlight a person's contribution which was roughly:

It's a matter of balance that those would spend a lot, have a mechanism to spend a LOT, so as those who don't spend a lot/don't spend at all are not unduly disadvantaged.

Is that the reasoning behind continuing the expeditions gambling in its current form? If not, why (other than profit motive) is 5pg continuing to stick with a system that is either roundly panned as either

1) exploitive: leaving players feeling cheated and ripped off, often enraged and is probably the number 1 reason why people ultimately quit the game

2) for suckers -- that people who "know" don't do expeditions for their outrageously low return rates for PC spent, indeed that a top tier item averaging 1500PC, roughly 200 dollars and has cost some in one event over 500.00.

Would really like to know why this system is in place the way it is. If for the money, then we'd at least understand -- money over community. If for the first reason given, then for balance. Why have such a deleterious gambling aspect to a game that most people enjoy for the art/writing/community -- do you believe that the gambling aspect offers a form of entertainment value?

I really see it as one of the most corrosive aspects in terms of keeping people happy and skeptical free. What is the thinking behind it?

(apologies if this sounds overly one sided. TBH -- I'd just really like to know what the reasoning/justification is for the expeditions the way they are haven gotten the kind of feedback they have.)

12th March 2013, 18:50
Thank you for posting this. For me, it has gotten comical. To 5PG: I am seriously considering not giving you another dime until this is addressed. I have been playing this game since it went public on Kong, and I have spent more than I care to admit trying to get Mathias to no avail. It is my own damn fault for continuing to try, but it really is a pretty crappy system for those of us who have somehow irritated the RNG gods. Would love to hear the reasoning behind this because it really is starting to seem like a very lame way to get people to pay (and believe me, I pay anyways for pots and what not). Still realize it's my responsibility so I don't want to complain but man, is it frustrating after 500-1000PCs (and after getting 5 of every crappy other thing in the bottom 3 tiers that you will NEVER be able to use). Cheers :)

12th March 2013, 19:17
i put my second 20 bucks in this game... and i got 3 master pants and 2 master armlets... it s quite frustrating... okay i got some aditional stuff.. but it would be great if each item was removed from the list of things you could get from an expedition (just remove the red bags as compensation) and would be able to buy these gathered items in the bazaar from that moment on.

12th March 2013, 19:22
Maybe when the workshop finally gets released, we'll see a use of our extra PC items we got through gambling on expeditions.

12th March 2013, 21:01
Maybe after you get 3 of each item it could block out since we can't use more than 2 (I'm being generous so 5pg can at least make a little extra coin)? That seems totally fair to me since that's still a good chunk of change of RNG decides to be a brat.

12th March 2013, 21:21
Hopefully that means workshop will have medical facilities for breaking down troops as well...

12th March 2013, 22:09
We have stated since day one that Limited Offer items are just that; here for a limited time for direct purchase. When the game launched, Expeditions did not exist, they didnt come until months after. At the time, players were upset that items like Machaon were gone forever and someone that really wanted it had no access to it. We decided to release the Expedition system to give players access to purchase these past items, but not with the ease or cost (generally, based on randomness) that they were previously available during their original purchase window. Over time we added the no-dupe system to the New Item Expeditions since these items were not previously available for direct purchase like past Limited Offer items were.

Recently we have added displayed chances for items to come from Expeditions, to help players make better informed decisions. There are more than a few different reasons that people purchase Expeditions, at this point we are happy with how Expeditions work and have no plans to make any major changes to their functionality.