View Full Version : [Answered] Grab bag / chest / expedition randomness

12th March 2013, 18:31
A few members of the community believe that grab bags are not truly random. There have been many superstitions with varying degrees of proof around this subject. For example, "lucky streaks" & "unlucky" streaks have been rumored to exist. Mostly surrounding the status of your connection (if you refresh, you can change your 'streak'). For example, in the Solus Coin chests, players reported getting Fontella, Dacan, and Rezla all within several chests, while previously spending hundreds of Planet Coins.

Have you reviewed your grab bag random code, to ensure that it actually is sufficiently random?

Is randomness determined server side, or is there some client-side dependencies?

12th March 2013, 20:25
Yes, they are sufficiently random.