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12th March 2013, 18:23
Why have the rewards for PVP equipment been neglected for so very long that they're now no longer 'rewards' but simply AP fodder. How difficult is it to change ATT/DEF values of generals and equipment? Is it that you intend to supersede the outdated equipment with NEW equipment that is creating such a backup? Why are your priorities geared towards creating new equipment for PC purchase, rather than adding to the value of players hard work in such a major aspect of the game by keeping the equipment continuously up to date and the top gear for PVP?

12th March 2013, 20:42
As we've said in the SoTG and a few other posts, we have plans for PvP improvements and alterations in the works. Currently other features have a higher priority, but PvP is far from forgotten about.

12th March 2013, 22:32
While looking forward to changes in PVP and all the other great stuff. I feel the main point of this note is being neglected: that constant and updated pvp rewards would keep them meaningful and actually rewarding, seems (though you're free to tell me it isn't) trivial to implement, and would bring massive pleasure and value for the work that pple put into the pvp aspect. Have learnt quite a bit about things from the DEV QnA and so I really hope, that this becomes something standard. While I can now empathize and realize why something like equipment racks are justifiably delayed and is going to be a really huge pain in the *** -- for which you have my sympathies.

But still a little unconvinced by this. Wouldn't simply updating ATT/DEF or pvp bonus or damage be a simple value change ofor that eq that would result in a lotta joy from a large part of yr playerbase? IF so, isn't that a meaningful step between rehauling it all and just getting it so as pple who PVP actually get rewards? And (this is a question not a statement) wasn't it the intent and purpose of the PVP rewards to be the best obtainable pvp equipment? [and i'm sure then you can guess my next, IF so ...]