View Full Version : [Answered] Communication about Code Changes

12th March 2013, 18:23
How committed are the devs in letting the community know about adjustments to drop rates, etc?

I'll use N'rluxes eye as an example. Numerous people said you would get more by 1 honoring it, and then a few days later that ability seemed to disappear (I didn't try it, so it may have been perception anyway). When you make changes to things like that, likely to deal with design intent vs bugs, do you plan on telling the community when changes will occur?

12th March 2013, 20:23
We generally only announce when something is fixed as opposed to when it will be fixed to avoid continued exploitation of a bug. If it's a smaller bug that we're not concerned about exploitation you'll find Lena will often tell folks it's fixed for the next build.