View Full Version : [Answered] Solus Coins/ Seige masters gear

12th March 2013, 18:20
Through a very long conversation with a guild member who is a free player and I (who buys pcs) over solus coins and the siege masters gear I have a suggestion that I would like to be seriously considered for all. I as a buyer of PCs would like to see longevity of the game and fairness for all players to some extent. I also believe there should always be an advantage for those who buy PCs. That IS the reason we usually buy them. But some players feel the siege masters set is over powered... I think it rocks in my own terms...some want it to be nerfed... I purchased 2 sets of the siege masters and upgraded it fully because I saw the power it had. Now, as a buyer of the siege masters set( which was very costly) I disagree with a nerfed proc... But, I also feel that to be fair to free players that the Solus coins should be introduced back into the game via World Raids. That way the free player has the ability over time to acquire the siege masters set and it does not devalue the set for those who spent their hard earned dollars to get it. This is a suggestion but if the devs already have some type of solution to this or if the siege masters set is intended to be such a powerful gear set??

12th March 2013, 18:34
We generally don't swing the "nerfbat" unless it's pivotal to the games health.

We don't currently have any plans to reintroduce Siege Master's differently than it was originally added. Now, this may change (we've reintroduced sets in a variety of ways in the past). Siege Master's was designed with the intent to be a solid, lasting anti Dragon and Siege set, not necessarily a set for all occasions.

There will still be non Siege and Dragon raids in the future that other sets will be better suited to handle than Siege Master's though.