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12th March 2013, 18:00
I only have a few quick questions for the Dev's:

1. What where the Machaon and Mathias drop chances during last summer's respective expeditions for them?

2. What is Machaon's drop chance from Echthros?

3. Do Dev's like Dahrizon and Felendis still directly work on any DotD projects?

4. I understand that the Workshop is now a lower priority than Communities and has been facing some challenges. While I'm not asking for details of when it may be released, could I ask for specific elaboration as to what is causing delays with it?

12th March 2013, 19:18
1. We recently updated the expeditions to show the chance of obtaining each item. This allows players to make more informed decisions before any purchase. However, it is not our intention to publish any historical data concerning expeditions.

2. The chance to gain Machaon from Echthros has remained consistent and is in line with a relation to expeditions and grab bags that we feel is appropriate.

3. I and Felendis both continue to support DotD through input and guidance. I actively help Mouse every week to understand Dawn’s history and plan for the future. We’re going to make sure that Dawn continues on a path that offers greater enjoyment for all players.

4. After many discussions and evaluations, we deemed Communities to have a larger and more immediate benefit to players than Workshop. Also, while working on Communities, there may be smaller features released that will directly benefit the end results of Workshop. Having these in place before Workshop will just make more sense in the end.

12th March 2013, 19:27
why were Machaon and Mathias placed in the mystery pack instead of having them as a direct buy item?

12th March 2013, 20:07
why were Machaon and Mathias placed in the mystery pack instead of having them as a direct buy item?
Machaon and Mathias were both purchasable as direct buy items in the past, when they went through their cycle as Limited Offer items. As with all of these items, they are only directly purchasable for a limited time (hence the name), then cycled in and out of Expeditions, Grab Bags, etc. going forward.