View Full Version : Diff main hands?

17th August 2010, 13:36
are the devs planning on this?
just wondering, cos only swords is rather boring. sure there's some variety in the lower weapons, but no more axes? spears? green dragon crescent blade? :P

Lena Gk
17th August 2010, 15:38
a lot of new stuff are on the way. they are always created as part of a story, so when we have a place to fit in the appropriate lore, you will see more item types in corresponding slots

17th August 2010, 16:33
I so want Katars. =D

17th August 2010, 17:06
ISO : Scratch post
Design : petrified log
Attack : 22
Defense : 1 (due to its overwhelming weight, it can only be swung wildly)
Proc : Catnip - (An army of kittens follow who ever wields this might weapon, swarming its target causing thousands of tiny cuts and gashes / [200 dmg/proc + 3% crit chance due to weakened hides])

17th August 2010, 17:34

17th August 2010, 19:43
LMAO, Karnage! xD

Katars and other type of punch daggers etc would definitely be awesome. Hope someone in
the story has some. ^^; Thersite's Katar/Punch Dagger?