View Full Version : New armor set and weapon

Ude Hikaru
13th August 2010, 17:13
I love new Craft armor set too, look more cool like samurai, nice work you guys =), it a nice set with Muramasa and Masamune, but that weapon stats is too low even it a loot from hard boss, the damage is too poor than a free weapon gift "Flail of Eternal Anguish" that you can easily get from friends, it too bad since i like both legendary weapon, i hope both Masamune and Muramasa can be updated or can be crafted to be more powerful weapon and have critical chance please.... watch the anime Kyo Samurai Deeper to have some review of it.. i love that red set samurai armor, i hope it also be created soon and have critical chance, i buy with planet coins or what so ever.. please....

Here some new Suggestion:

-ARMORY: Red Prince armor set with Critical chance or stamina bonus
-MAIN HAND: Dark Lord Musamune. crafted by combine Demon Lord Heart + Masamune + Red Diamond ring. 20 damage,15 defense. Bonus damage killing the boss raid, ( this weapon are special that can be level up and gain exp to increase the actual stats)
-OFF HAND: Excalibur 25 damage, 10 defense.with nice damage and critical chance

Please rate and Vote with the highest rating, we all can have benefit of dealing a critical damage in raid. so i hope it will comes true =)