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flying sausage
12th August 2010, 15:40

1. Please make it possible to join a particular guild by link. Most of the new guilds, people have to click a few hundred times just to get to them. Not very good.

2. PvP stats. Please make this a priority or at least update the community on how it's coming. Until the PvP and guild war systems get off the ground, there's not much else to do besides hitting the same poor monsters again and again.

3. I'm not sure how you're going to skirt around profile camping without hiding. What's to stop someone from hitting a particular person over and over again the whole day? Personally I haven't tried this yet. If no measures exist, then there's no point with stats.


12th August 2010, 15:58
1. Yup, would love to see some changes there. I'm certain they are in the works as we speak.

2. Wouldn't mind a status update myself. We know big things are coming and are in the plans
but it's always nice to know some details and maybe some time estimates too.

3. I'm in the impression that the possibility of low health/dying is coming and so, I think then
you could hide in a way. I dislike hiding myself and would rather see something
preventing/limiting it. Maybe by removing the need to hide. "Profile camping" or "chaining"
could be reduced by making it so that consecutive attacks against the same target would
yield less and less gold/points etc. where at some point you wouldn't get anything without
switching targets.

14th October 2011, 18:38
ajax error in get help on quests.....both in dotd and lots