View Full Version : iphone app!

7th August 2010, 20:03
i know the game is still new...but hey its just a suggestion.

Lena Gk
7th August 2010, 23:33
its pretty difficult to do, not just because we are new, but cause the iphones don't support Flash at all.

7th August 2010, 23:48
I'm due for a phone upgrade with Verizon soon. Does anyone know of a phone that I can play DotD on? The Droid supports Adobe Flash, so will it be able to run DotD in the mobile browser?
You know you're a DotD addict when your phone purchase is based solely on whether or not it supports the game ;)

8th August 2010, 15:05
I would love an iPhone app for DotD but can imagine the difficulties Lena mentioned. IPhone
not supporting Flash is a big bumb on the road.

Aeris, I'm not sure, this is just a hunch, but I think it would just need a full support for Adobe
Flash. :/ I'd ask to get to test the phone in the store and see how it handles DotD though I'm
not sure how many stores are able to provide that test. Anyway, good luck on your phone
hunting! Hope you find a perfect one. :)