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3rd August 2010, 14:13
I know there is already a thread where someone suggested a pet dragon...But i would love it if there were all sorts of different dragons both big and small of all colors ect ect that we could have beside our character as a sort of partner...Only we can buy armor for them just like we can for our characters and they help us out in our raids...For guilds you can even have where you can face another persons dragon with yours ...What would be even cooler is if the dragons started out smaller and as you fight and level them up they grow bigger and stronger...sort of going from child to teenager to adult to elder or dragon of legend :D
That would be amazing and since the game is called dawn of the dragons i can't see why it wouldn't be an amazing add :D

3rd August 2010, 14:32
One word - NO.

We have Solus and Tiresais as mounts, while Erebus and Tainted Erebus are there if you get bloodhungry. None more are needed when there are more important things to develop at the moment.

3rd August 2010, 20:46
That's true,,,i just thought it was a cool idea was all :p

3rd August 2010, 20:52
I love my Solus =3