View Full Version : Future Quest Type/Story Arch additions - variety?

1st August 2010, 21:22
First off, I'd like to thank you for investing in some good storytelling. It's nice to read stuff
that is actually interesting and entertaining. Even the item descriptions have value in that

Second, I thought I saw a thread asking about the current story arch and if it just ends
suddenly but I couldn't find it for some reason. Anyway, I haven't finished all the quests yet
so I don't know to what the story ends yet but I'm assuming there will be continuation to
the story in the future in the form of new areas to Quest in.

Following this assumption I'd like to make the suggestion that you add a little diversity to the
Quests in the future. I've no real complaints about the formula at present but in the long
run, and being someone to appreciate a good storytelling, I think it'd keep things more fresh
and interesting if there'd be Quests that aren't about fighting a different group of enemies
after another. Now, I'm not saying you need quests where you try to succesfully light a
campfire, for example, but something to the effect of scouting an enemy camp, learning a
new skill or negotiating with a person for him to aid you in your endeavor. Whatever would
fit the story.

I know this doesn't necessarily mean much to someone just doing Quests for exp and farm
Components but at least during the first run through the story arc it would have a definite
added value, bringing even more colour into it.

1st August 2010, 22:12
Good ideas, thank you! :)