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31st July 2010, 15:03
Well the bazaar isn't finished. There is no ''Sell'' button, new items should be added cause not much is added for newcomers, also ill post this idea like ''Auction'' where people could sell items for Planet coins, or just coins. Create requirements for every item like Diomede's items should be sold from level 25 and e.t.c. Hope at least some parts will be added

31st July 2010, 15:12
The sell button is located below the buy button, under the shelves on the right-hand side.

New items appear in the bazaar as you unlock new zones.

31st July 2010, 16:46
New items should be unlocked with our level... some unlockable with achievment... we could buy items for a really high price, cause for now, money is kinda useless... and items at the bazaar are fastly useless, except those we can buy with planet money... kinda suck!!! And maybe think about a mix of that... and why not a collection... when we wear a complete set, for example the adamantite collection, we could gain bonuses...

Changing subject... does Dragonsbane really do extra dmg against dragons??

31st July 2010, 17:19
Thank you for the suggestions. We have been considering ways to make gold more useful, and set bonuses are also on the list of things to look at. Certain achievements will unlock rewards, though we can't go into details at this stage.

Yes, Dragonsbane does extra damage against dragons.

The Gnome
31st July 2010, 19:02
LOL I have YET to run out of things to spend my gold on... I only have 150 tigers... still got a LOT more to go... those beasts are getting expensive ... at least I don't have to feed them (yet?)

31st July 2010, 23:31
There is no ''Sell'' button,

and you are selling why? you will need that stuff to equip your army with. And you do get more stuff as you progress through the towns. this game has only been around about two months, give them a chance to finish opening up what they have done already.