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28th July 2010, 15:25
Ok so we have energy, stamina and honor bar now. and i think all three of that is a might thing, why don't we spice things up by adding a magic bar? mana pool.. then it'll become a might and magic type of game that is basically what medieval games are all about ^^

so by having a mana pool we can create many fun spells like:
fire ball, flame shiled, dragon breath, ice armour, chain lightning, etc..
unlimited spells can be generated.. that not only adds more fun to the game but it'll also add the complexity,

let's say for every 20 level u can get additional max mana in your mana pool. so u can cast 2 fireball that deals x damage.

just an idea,

Hope the dev's will consider it,



29th July 2010, 16:10
:smiley-signs006: this is NOT Might and Magic