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24th July 2010, 11:36
In the future DotD should have shinier armors. Then have it advertised. Look how tastey a shiney armor is.

Shiney capes, shiney, high level/VIP items may look like:

(this is a screenshot of my character DaltonLamsen in a game that got shutdown long time ago)


24th July 2010, 11:47
Also, I think girl characters should have a different armor set, than us men. For example, scarf, a varying chest armor, and skirt. and daggers... I'm just imagining what future armors at stored for us in DotD.

I hope our girl players would have cute & girly armors in the future.

(a screenshot of my wife's character, LimeLyte in the same game that got shotdown) see how cute scarves and skirts are :)

Thanks for reading my post. More power and D.O.T.D. forever! yeah!


24th July 2010, 11:58
waaaaaaaaaa the scarf wasn't properly seen that screenshot, I apologize. and the 2 other scarves were in the storage. here's a screenie in which the scarf is hanging freely.

:) wouldn't scarves look good in our lady character gamers...


24th July 2010, 13:35
naise :D

24th July 2010, 20:00
Do you like shiny things? :P

25th July 2010, 01:40
yes ^_^ it's my weakness. my psp is shiny, my ps3 gleems, my watch is bright... for me, the shine relieves a hard day at the hospital... hellooo everyone :) time to level up... i'm playing the Fields now on nightmare level... hehehe i wonder what will i unlock if i complete the fields at the last level?