View Full Version : Friend or Guild quests

18th July 2010, 11:26
Would it be possible to implement some type of Friend or Guild quests? Starts sorta like "Castle Age" where you post for "Elite Guard" only instead of joining your guard they join your quest.The post would state what quest series you are going for. Once you have the prerequisite # of people to start the quest series you have chosen, the adventure starts. Instead of Stamina, Energy would be used to progress through the quests.These quests would be shared and require more energy to get through certain parts but the rewards for completing a "Quest Series/Group" would be comparable to the amount of time,effort ,energy and actual teamwork put into competing it. Some of these quests might be .....Saving a small village or town from an attack. To make it viable for all level ranges maybe the attacker can be switched up and chosen by the quest starter. Lower lvl's ......Goblins,Orcs,Lizardmen, Bandits Etc etc Higher lvl's ....Rogue mage, Constructs ( golems and such), Small Army,Dragons etc etc. Time to complete any one quest series would depend on lvl of difficuty chosen. Any and all feedback highly appreciated. Thanks

18th July 2010, 14:22
i doubt that would happen anytime soon as they are still tweaking the game. you must remember this game is still fairly new and they have alot to still roll out for us in the wings. but nice idea.