View Full Version : Not a game idea per se...

15th July 2010, 15:06
Ok not a specific game idea as such, but you know how some fb games give you the option to have a graphical picture link to the game on your profile wall, how about we have one for DotD?

Not only will it look good, but it will give the game some additional exposure to people who possibly may not give the game a look otherwise?

Jagang(the Just)
15th July 2010, 15:42
That sounds like a great idea, what better way to put DotD out there than having it posted on ones profile, I hope the creators are checking this idea out, Necroscope. Not only will DotD have word of mouth advertising but also physical advertising as a post on our profiles.

30th August 2010, 08:19
I realize I'm necro'ing this thread (appropriate given the OP's name), but I like this idea too. It would definitely give DotD some nice advertising. To expand on the idea, as a cosmetic touch maybe have the ad utilize rotating pictures, so a different one loads each time the ad is loaded.

I wonder if these kind of ads can employ a counter to show how many FB users actually have the ad up on their wall. That would be more advertising as people would be able to see from one person's page just how many people like the game enough to place it on their profile.