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  1. Item Set issues
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. trouble connecting?
  4. Nodes Cannot Be Reset????
  5. Apoc Demon Loot messed up
  6. game freezing during questing
  7. what did i do wrong?
  8. needs help pls ,i lost my paypal tunel in "GET MORE PC "
  9. Beware: There is a bug with regen on Campaigns...
  10. Missing pvp bonus - again
  11. Game starts lagging (WR/PVP/Quests)
  12. Login issues
  13. PC trouble
  14. campaign raid damage
  15. no solus coin frag drop for 2 days
  16. I got Demoted
  17. planet coins not given
  18. nodes fail when i click on them
  19. Failed Collection Node
  20. Failed campaign node - timer lies
  21. Is it possible to change your Guild Name?
  22. Typo in Guild Campaign
  23. Keep crashing after crafting
  24. Blank white screen: Armorgames
  25. Craft Sorting Error
  26. issue with joining campaign node
  27. Can't hit nodes.
  28. Can't get past loading screen.
  29. I can't login.
  30. Screen is not loading correctly
  31. Mounts and Tussao in Campaign...
  32. Can't access the main page
  33. timer gets messed up when node is reset
  34. Halloween honor candy missing
  35. Problem Scroll Siculus
  36. Consistant Server Crashes/Boots
  37. Cant look up other guild member list
  38. Can't Shift+click to loot
  39. Wraith set bugged?
  40. Guild Rosters are Broken
  41. Kicking people from a Guild
  42. Cannot View Other Guild Public Wall
  43. Poor Performance
  44. campaign i cant atak the node
  45. Sorting raids by time no longer accurate
  46. major problem. double clicking
  47. Guild Options window bug
  48. Is anyone else having a problem logging in through the main site??
  49. Can't access my potions
  50. Time Sorting
  51. WC ban went from 7 days to 8 days in a few hours?
  52. Stat display error
  53. Sort by time broken
  54. DOTD Won't Work on Chrome
  55. Guild Chat Bug
  56. No loot from the world raid
  57. Duel Interface Stuck After Using All Tickets and Switching Tabs
  58. Campaign Timer says Available in 471 hours even though we have never summoned
  59. Fix Raid Sort by Health
  60. Bug
  61. Bug that causes ppl to waist volatile potions
  62. stat points from latest raid
  63. What did you do?
  64. Joining guild raids is screwed up
  65. Achievements bugged
  66. Emilia and Jerome after 31st of January doesn't add correctly in invasion brigades?
  67. [AG] Army size does not update
  68. NG not loading
  69. Random heavy lag on AG
  70. Mathias summoning table
  71. [AG] Site inaccessible
  72. game down with 2 hrs on wr
  73. [FB] Stuck at logging in
  74. quest help says completed, no exp given
  75. Getting Undefined server index on kong
  76. Kong not working
  77. Rejoin the rankings
  78. New pull-downs font too big
  79. Yellow name on Guild Chat
  80. When I click in the profile I lose the connection
  81. "No help request found for the specified quest id."
  82. [Kong] Lags, game almost unplayable
  83. Dotd broke Chrome.
  84. Game wont load???
  85. Launching external links crashes Flash player in Chrome
  86. Campaign Damage
  87. Um... wut? Weird display bug
  88. [Kong] PVP Crashes Flash
  89. Bought 2 PC purchases, gotten neither.
  90. "No" button for saving legion still saves
  91. Kongregate -- 'new' lag issue?
  92. lag on attacks past few days?
  93. the game won't log on
  94. bug report
  95. Sudden MAJOR lag for everyone
  96. I had accidentally pressed the wrong button when getting planet coin
  97. Not enough time has passed....
  98. Werid damage sort in linux
  99. Account Transfer
  100. War room locked
  101. Ring on others profile
  102. Thawing potions don'twork
  103. Restore mobile account
  104. Guild Shop Honor Potion
  105. Why I can't play this game in Kongregate sever ?
  106. Possible Campaign Bug
  107. Wrong Campaign AP
  108. M&M Speed Run AP Absent
  109. Trouble with my PVP
  110. Server communication bug seems to be back.
  111. Suspicious activity in Invasion
  112. Kongregate Server Time is Off synch again
  113. Magma Heart Pendant weirdness
  114. Cannot load game.
  115. MP vork and KOG missing chance to obtain
  116. Obtained speed AP for Fatigued run.
  117. Equip issue and issue with google
  118. Device Error
  119. Can't Buy Tickets
  120. Display issue: Raid info off-center
  121. Bug with Training Dummies!
  122. Dummies...
  123. Something is wrong with the remaining hits of the dummies
  124. Neck items broken in item set selection?
  125. Neck Slot saving issues
  126. Free dummy hits?
  127. Dummy - 8
  128. Failure to load, or access the game.
  129. Training Dummy free hits
  130. Training Dummy timer reset?
  131. Dummy #21 timer stuck
  132. [BUG]Training dummy
  133. And yet more problems with the trainning dummies
  134. New quest not unlocking
  135. Can't summon Guild Raid
  136. DAily Reward Glitch
  137. Dummy bug
  138. Consumables not showing properly.
  139. Can't hit dummies
  140. Byron Siculus node drops on Normal
  141. Leaderboard error and pano gear
  142. Shield drop down
  143. Being an alt...
  144. Campaign tags
  145. AWE Sword Graphical Glitch
  146. Max Guild XP
  147. I have too much lag in pvp.
  148. [Android] Can't access world raids
  149. Colosseum Issue
  150. Duel set not saving changes
  151. Can't access "Craft"
  152. Significant Lag on the new Legion page
  153. Invasion - new legion UI - tactics broken
  154. miniboss
  155. Commander Exploit
  156. Brigade display issue? Or is it just me?
  157. BUG commander slot, new legion UI
  158. Avatar won't load image
  159. Campaign and Raid comparison of Collection Node drops.
  160. Game crashes when questing
  161. Heartmenders Oath Missing
  162. Cant Scroll on mobile DotD forums
  163. TSI and Perception
  164. Apparently I'm the only one that gets this, Legion has Quest loading problems.
  165. quest 9.5 not showing
  166. No neck drop down in enchant
  167. Failed payment on mobile, no response from tech support
  168. Game will not update
  169. Bad player names
  170. Purchase page "Not Found"
  171. Raid battle screen - magic list popup.
  172. standalone site login fails...
  173. Game no longer scales when zoomed
  174. Is the game down or something?
  175. Clicks become unresponsive after entering Invasion brigade screen
  176. Legions fail to load completely.
  177. Immortal page
  178. Bug in editing Brigades for Invasion PVP
  179. Tactics duplication in invasion
  180. Missing bottles
  181. is it normal that my citadel is this empty?
  182. Sanguinior drop rate, a April fool's day joke?
  183. Some display bugs new legion UI and profile UI
  184. chromebook
  185. Guild: cartoon bubble not showing
  186. Shift+Click Doesn't Work With NPAPI Shockwave Flash Plugin (Chrome Issue)
  187. Quest button stopped working
  188. Tutorial Restarted on Me
  189. Unable to update Forum Sig picture?
  190. No Paypal option to purchase PC
  191. grab bags
  192. Cant logged in~
  193. Generals are not updating their exp/lvl value
  194. Auto filled Legion can't be saved
  195. cant uplaod avatar?
  196. what means by "loading data file"
  197. Neck items do not proc
  198. raid counter
  199. New vornstaag boss discovered
  200. Sorting options etc. defaulted
  201. game not opening
  202. Legion Saved When Told Not To
  203. World Chat - Stats Tab Not Showing Correct Amount Of Raids.
  204. Quest icons and images take several minutes or several reloads to appear.
  205. Visual glitch
  206. Unable to Finish Quest Boss
  207. loading problem..
  208. Unknown Player
  209. Severe lag issues
  210. raid timer bug
  211. I canīt start my PERSONAL RAID
  212. Personal Raid Finish Glitch
  213. mod or dev needed in fb wc ASAP
  214. pc purchase not turning up
  215. Blue manticore crits not triggering floating eye proc?
  216. Possible Grundus general exploit?
  217. Stuck at loading data files
  218. Why/How did this raid fail?
  219. Duel Rematch Below Current Bracket
  220. Personal raid is being used
  221. Craft Window Sorting Failure (5PG's failure, not mine)
  222. Misclick
  223. Broken message wall button
  224. cant join a guild
  225. Lowbie's LOCKED into legion choice.
  226. Double Blue Manticore fails to force crit
  227. Kongregate weekly stats leaderboards not updating?
  228. Can't summom small raids
  229. Cursing on Grey Death nodes not working
  230. Anonymous not getting extra damage
  231. Cant scroll other people character walls.
  232. Flash crashing constantly on legion or gear set swapping!
  233. raid counter for stats page
  234. Anti chill and anti curse pots
  235. Raid tab defaults back to New every time.
  236. Chilling bug
  237. Does Apoc Demon still drop Pumpkin Runes?
  238. Ring count AP incorrect
  239. Visual Bug in Invasion
  240. Stuck on Loading Quests
  241. Visual bug X2
  242. Traped in the forced turorial ...need a bypass
  243. Acct Can't Get Pc?
  244. Collecting free pc from an offer?
  245. General boosts not working in invasion
  246. Bonuses from commander equipment
  247. summon Raids problem
  248. Double raid summon
  249. fallen heroes cuirass
  250. KONG account connection