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  1. [Answered] What is your largest bottleneck in developing features?
  2. [Answered] How long do unlooted raids stay around?
  3. [Answered] 4 quick questions: Rates and Details
  4. [Answered] Bug Tracker/ Feature Request Engine
  5. [Answered] Council Selections
  6. [Answered] World Raids/Event Weeks Cycles
  7. [Answered] WR
  8. [Answered] Question on communities!
  9. [Answered] At Large Council Members
  10. [Answered] Value of excessive Planet Coin items
  11. [Answered] GvG
  12. [Answered] Capping Area Resets
  13. [Answered] Lore: How do world raids play into the story?
  14. [Answered] Fixing the Garbage Collection
  15. [Answered] Solus Coins/ Seige masters gear
  16. [Answered] How do we emphasize to you the importance of ease of use improvements?
  17. [Answered] Gifting from your own inventory within your army
  18. [Answered] 5PG and Dawn of the Dragons
  19. [Answered] Communication about Code Changes
  20. [Answered] Updating as the game progresses ...
  21. [Answered] Upgrade to Locar Kessov's Golem Horse
  22. [Answered] Are Premium Troops the new norm?
  23. [Answered] Mobile Kong?
  24. [Answered] Grab bag / chest / expedition randomness
  25. [Answered] PvP rewards
  26. [Answered] Whither the Beard Mice
  27. [Answered] Changing Z1-Z9 Looting Information
  28. [Answered] Transparency about features in development
  29. [Answered] GG gear/De-stressing
  30. [Answered] Value and Fairness and Gambling
  31. [Answered] Why there's only few options for in/out guild interactions?
  32. [Answered] Major Landmarks in a WR
  33. [Answered] Why there's no options to buy PC's directly from you (Kong)?
  34. What is your best office prank that you had/made?
  35. [Answered] programming environment
  36. How old is the youngest and the oldest member of the crew?
  37. What is your dumbest and funniest case that you needed to deal with?
  38. How many programming cases have you resolved...
  39. [Answered] Are all crew members working in one place?
  40. [Answered] What is your favorite part of game developement?
  41. [Answered] Angry Peasants
  42. [Answered] Stat points distribution
  43. [Answered] Will you consider announcing how many / what kinds of items are in a rotating set
  44. [Answered] Desktop (standalone) game, DotD maybe?
  45. [Answered] Specifically z10's : Raid Design -- incentives versus community
  46. [Answered] Unique guild Gladiator raid.
  47. [Answered] Is there a way to contribute to Dotd?
  48. [Answered] New Class after Immortal
  49. [Answered] Legendary quest craft randomness
  50. [Answered] Beginner Mentoring
  51. [Answered] The commander slot
  52. [Answered] Wandering Merchant
  53. [Answered] The End of Flash Player?
  54. [Answered] Bandwidth --
  55. [Answered] Competition and Cooperation
  56. [Answered] Qwil-bane ring
  57. [Answered] Achievement Revamp
  58. [Answered] Getting Luminaries More Involved
  59. [Answered] In game private messages
  60. [Answered] Conquest
  61. [Answered] Spoiler A Tale of Two Swords storyline question.
  62. [Answered] Health Based WRs?
  63. [Answered] Echidna V2?
  64. [Answered] legions, favourite selections
  65. [Answered] Things I appreciate
  66. [Answered] New content...
  67. [Answered] Colored craft balancing
  68. [Answered] 5pg's estimation of "value"
  69. [Answered] "Other" sort
  70. [Answered] In-game raid tier communication
  71. [Answered] Devs dropping into rooms?
  72. [Answered] Priorities ...
  73. [Answered] Fix to enchanting "safety feature" -- or, ON enchanting.
  74. [Answered] Spoiler Dotd and Cotd Lore "Cleomedes"