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  1. Please bring back this event: http://dotd.wikia.com/wiki/Pillagers_(Mini_Boss)
  2. Maw of The Void, Unique Helm
  3. Refil after level up change
  4. Yet Another Not So Complicated Idea
  5. Add equipment to partial sets
  6. Potion set slot
  7. New player magic
  8. posting in general for public also, but an idea to have a use for gold besides gambit
  9. New tiers for achievements
  10. Premium general: Highlander
  11. gauntlet new leagues
  12. Premium general: Prissa the Gearmancer
  13. Royal Hawk; Legendary Unique Familiar (added as new tier to upcoming WR?)
  14. PvP Rank prizes
  15. Premium Siege Armament: Midas' Shrapnel Launcher
  16. New Magic Concept
  17. Deadly Guild Raid: Keron the Heaven-Crasher
  18. New Incarnation: Order of the Seven
  19. Shorewatch Keep's Key craft
  20. Tome of Recorded Atrocities Fix and More
  21. Guildraid (Vathik 2.0)The Thing That Should Not Be
  22. Next premium
  23. Premium Magic
  24. AP and a new form of GR
  25. Bring back TED Necklace
  26. New Perception Tier
  27. Relic pack price
  28. Destroyer Hall of Fame v2
  29. New AP Tiers
  30. Here to Stay ( magic )
  31. Transfer raid control
  32. Energy to Stamina, Stamina to Energy
  33. Older premium upgrades for PC
  34. New Campaign: What Lurks Beneath
  35. Bring Back Limited-Time Consumables
  36. Guild Coins
  37. Elite or Deadly Dragon's Lair
  38. Red coins from Vortex
  39. Grekub the Auctioneer
  40. Heinagen Flaskshot
  41. Harbinger of the Tempest
  42. The House Raid... or castle.
  43. Mayor Solus Tullian
  44. Necromancers
  45. Damage Limiting Magic [And Thoughts]
  46. Would you spend MORE or LESS PC on Gauntlet if they added a 5k-20k League?
  47. Bosso update
  48. Paging Doctor Jack
  49. So about the Infernal Cache...
  50. Adventures Need Love.
  51. Old events that haven't reintroduced for years
  52. New Premium Magic: Phantasmagoria
  53. The way of the world
  54. Potentially buffing gauntlet magics
  55. Few suggestions that would be great in the next releases
  56. Festival Poll - January 2019
  57. Dear DoTD, For Dawnimas I want things and stuff.
  58. Suggestions From Players To Developers
  59. Dear DoTD, For Dawnimas I want things and stuff... and a few other things.
  60. Colosseum Revamp needed.
  61. Faustus' Magical Mayhem
  62. Faustus' Magical Mayhem
  63. Revamped: The High Heavens: The Player-Made Patch
  64. PC item that lets you save 50 different consumable items - and one click.
  65. Idea for Dawn-anniversary
  66. Nightmare Queen World Raid
  67. Bring Back ____ Dawn Chests
  68. Accessibility of Blood Moon magic
  69. Big, Deadly Fish.
  70. Bring Back Old Events
  71. Terravinius, the Tiny Terror
  72. Can you put the books of knowledge in the craft page?
  73. Change to consumables filter
  74. New General
  75. Freemiums, but based on well-known players [And a Premium]
  76. Some Premium General With % Damage
  77. Gambling magic