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  1. Scroll Bar?
  2. Quick stash button and hourly income
  3. Friends List
  4. Sound
  5. Interface - new user experience
  6. moving about in Quests
  7. more quests i didnt know about
  8. Full Screen Option
  9. Avatar proportions
  10. Bazaar
  11. In-game Chat
  12. [For the forum] A Live chat box. (Or Shoutbox)
  13. Craft / Collect
  14. Image code enabled in signaures/more lines and bigger avatars.
  15. Bazaar - Equipped comparison
  16. Mazalu Quest Text alteration
  17. All about the hair!
  18. Bloody Alice quest text box very large.
  19. Raid log scroll controls
  20. FB Group Filter on Army requests.
  21. News Feed?
  22. Army on PvP list
  23. Accepting Gifts
  24. PVP and members of your army
  25. Invite Army page
  26. ARMY Page
  27. In Game Item Required to Complete Mission only available via Planet Coins.
  28. Gift Giving Issues.
  29. When Engaged in Raids...
  30. Stats page, freinds stats page, Hero page.
  31. Raids link
  32. Few Suggestions
  33. Active Raids list order
  34. Raid link confirmation
  35. expanding the chat/log box in raids
  36. Version that can be used on Mobile Devices
  37. Sorting army members
  38. Easy Stamina / Energy refil
  39. Suggestion for raids
  40. A quick change button for PvP or Raiding
  41. Comprehensive List of Suggestions & Ideas
  42. Inventory Sorting: Equipment, Spells, & Consumables
  43. The Raid Chat and Damage logs
  44. Drake mountain map ?
  45. Viewing each others profile
  46. Option to remove Raids your are "Just viewing"
  47. Scrolling through lists
  48. Guild Chat List
  49. Raids - Filled / Total slots for Raid participants
  50. Guild MOTD
  51. Awesome damage
  52. mute button
  53. Guild Mercenaries
  54. attack button (for RAID)
  55. Faster Loading Forum
  56. Sorting Raids
  57. Spotting Inactives in Guilds
  58. Color Issue: Experience vs. Energy Cost for Quests
  59. Display damage dealt "outside" the raid.
  60. how any times?
  61. Inviting to Guild
  62. Chat, Guilds and Scrolling
  63. Commas
  64. Critical hit/Spell effect feedback in Raids.
  65. bout osting on players wall's
  66. Health Refill location
  67. Roleplay Forum
  68. Generals Interface
  69. "Rankings" on Raid Page
  70. Make Chat the default display when opening a raid
  71. Please Increase the Number of Guild Members.
  72. music on/off button plz
  73. Raid List suggestions
  74. I love the new raid sorting function, but...
  75. Legions - Ordering
  76. Scroll bars
  77. New Gift Tabs - Invited/Pending Freinds
  78. Special abilities selection in item menu list.
  79. Who cast what
  80. Quick Change Armour Sets
  81. Fitting pants!
  82. Summoning Popups
  83. Glaringly obvious link to the FAQ threads
  84. Sound On/Off Option
  85. Summoner Name on Raid Page
  86. Permanent guild-chat window
  87. Advertiseing personal raids in guild and adding function in raids to kick and ban
  88. Popup on first load after guild announcement has been changed.
  89. Guild leader should be able to see the FB profile of members.
  90. Some mouseover windows need to stay up longer
  91. Profile Inventory Cleanup
  92. List gifting
  93. Collect Item
  94. See your own damage on the raid page
  95. Organising Items in Bazaar
  96. A few minor suggestions
  97. PVP stats
  98. Enable FB Credits
  99. Ingame request page
  100. The Generals display page
  101. Vote tab in the Guild section
  102. More cool armors
  103. Setting crafted items to be unlockable
  104. guild leader board and game leaderboard
  105. Sort choices should not reset
  106. Mounts- crit and damage
  107. Last log in
  108. ability to turn off animations
  109. Storyline
  110. Making Alliances Possible - Display Guild Name in Profile
  111. Changing a created guild
  112. Crafting item help pop-up
  113. Regarding saved outfits
  114. Legion power
  115. Delete raids where you are not in
  116. Possible Chaining Prevention Suggestion
  117. Loot find
  118. "View Stats" Button on Profile
  119. Publishing of Accomplishments
  120. Small aesthetic suggestion
  121. Guild Member Tab in 'Send Gifts'
  122. Possibility To Find out how long it is till your next help request
  123. Alternate character support
  124. Suggestion for the "Down for Maintenance" message.
  125. May be add a encyclopedia item that show what is in the game
  126. Linking to Facebook account from character's profile?
  127. Sort your troops option
  128. keeping the chat log messages
  129. Guild application approval
  130. Colly Reward buff - purchase button
  131. Raid list - loot and scroll
  132. No Achievement for Tainted Erebus?
  133. Highlight items you currently own in raid loot tables
  134. Magic debuffs
  135. Scroll bars
  136. Storyline button
  137. Presents
  138. If you could design a mount for DotD what would it look like?
  139. Showing Power Value in Team screen in PVP/Coll
  140. Snowman's Chest has Legs.
  141. Forum Suggestion ~ more user friendly Raid Help Request area
  142. PvP Battle & Colosseum victim list: Refresh issues
  143. Message to Raid Summoner Option
  144. Toolbar Grab Bag Counter Colours
  145. Guild name on the profile page
  146. guild wars level 500 cap is a joke.
  147. Forum Suggestion - Subscribe button
  148. DotD tool bar
  149. Guild Chat Duration
  150. Mass e-mail add
  151. Stats (Magic, Colosseum teams, Legions)
  152. Forum Suggestion - Critical Help! raid sub section.
  153. Option To Join Raids In-Game
  154. Add player name to Magic
  155. Guild Raid Options
  156. Sort PvP Battle List
  157. loot collection sugestion
  158. Sorting troops and generals
  159. Just Because I'm Lazy
  160. cravt VS. collect
  161. Forum Suggestion - Removal of Old Raid Help Posts.
  162. "Quick Buy" of Colosseum Rewards (Thug, Pit Fighter, and Gladiator)
  163. Raids - let debuff caster remove their own debuffs
  164. Sort Option for Members List in the Guild Options Tab.
  165. More profile sorting options
  166. Add a Rally cry button from raid list
  167. Raid - Sort Options
  168. Raid log: proc messages
  169. Coloseum power display
  170. A little tab for personal raids on the guild overview
  171. Raid summoning prompt / raise awareness of forum / raid failure penalty
  172. Choosing a Guild
  173. New general:)
  174. Raid Damage Box
  175. Quest Boss Story Text
  176. Quick Raid Join Mechanism
  177. crafting pages reorganization
  178. quick sell
  179. raid console tweak
  180. Sort troops/generals by type (agi/str/int/human)
  181. Show how full an epic is, (ie 99/250)
  182. Manually moving items in the inventory
  183. refresh raid ranking button / personal damage indication
  184. Show level on profile page
  185. Few Suggestions for UI Changes
  186. Gifting Friend Filter
  187. Magic Log
  188. A lot of Small Bazaar/Home Screen/Land/Guild/Player/Inventory Interface Tweaks
  189. Download pack for game graphics
  190. simplify gift collection
  191. one button for crafting
  192. Accept all button needed
  193. Raid Attacker List Auto-Update
  194. Crafting/collect auto for stat points
  195. more variety to the skirmishes
  196. raids with zero damage
  197. Item colour changes
  198. My 2cents about the UI
  199. Legion: Troop Filter
  200. Forum navigation
  201. A Improved Burning Rain
  202. Changing the link name for guild requests
  203. Invisible helmet
  204. Armour set saves slots
  205. quick custom change in battle
  206. Please change CRAFT text colors
  207. Army Member Interface
  208. Alts
  209. Add flavour text to all magic procs.
  210. Accept/Close w/ Keyboard
  211. new filters for equipment
  212. Shift/Click on Raid Entry
  213. Sorting Troops/Generals
  214. Magic Caster Name + Guild Member Last Login + Craft Button
  215. Name & Guild Clicking
  216. Sugestion for ingame chat
  217. Forum Link
  218. Select All Button for Gifts
  219. Set default chat size in raids.
  220. Guild & Legion Tab's UI
  221. Timer for daily rewards
  222. Guild Managment UI
  223. Summoner's Message
  224. Echthros familiar in profile page
  225. Crafting Lady Elaine for stats points
  226. Rude people that post in raid...but are not part of the raid
  227. Craft tab highlighting or visual effect where there is something to craft.
  228. Completed raids toggle.
  229. Option to close Guild Raid
  230. Weapon choice and Character Personality
  231. Tab for finished raids
  232. a 50 Stam / Honor button?
  233. Time stamps
  234. Wrap Guild Raid Box
  235. being able to mark priority raids.
  236. Guild Raid Sorting
  237. Announcement Pop-up and Gift Items
  238. Profile equipment
  239. Moving character.
  240. Improvment of the Legion Window
  241. Guild magic bar
  242. Small tweak for tool tips.
  243. Multiple raid tabs, loot-all button
  244. Guild member sort options
  245. helping guild leaders or officers get rid of inactives
  246. Time an date stamp.
  247. Check players Profile from leaderboard
  248. Ability to to toggle stats between visible and hidden on the profile page.
  249. Mac users cant scroll on raid rankings
  250. Raid damage window - enable larger view as a permanent setting